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Castellabate is a beautiful town of the Cilento coast, within Cilento national park, UNESCO heritage. The panorama is amazing, with a majestic view over the Mediterranian sea, in front of the Amalfi coast and Capri island, behind which the sun dives into the water, giving suggestive sunsets. The towns of Castellabate is divided in few different villages each one offering visitors a diversity of itineraries and activities: from the historical medieval village of Castellabate, with its small stoned streets and the Castle from 1300s, to the wild woods of Licosa area rich of a typical and unique flora and fauna, ideal for trekking and nature lovers. Then there is Santa Maria with its immaculate sea, blu flag and national sea park (extended from Licosa island to Tresino cape): a real paradise for who loves snorkeling, immersions, winsurf, boat excursions or just relax on its golden sandy beaches.


The Cilento is a fantastic land that extends from the gulf of Salerno to the gulf of Policastro, facing the Amalfi coast. It is caracterized by the beautiness of its nature, from the in land to the coast that shows a wide diversity of landscape, it is wild, immaculate, to explore. Since thousands of years this place inspires poets and cantors. Many of the Greek and Roman myths that are at the base of our western culture, take place on the coasts of this area. The most famous one is about the island of the Mermaids, in the Odissey, with those evil creatures, that according to Omerus, where attracting mariners with their unresistible chants, leading them to crash against the reef with their boats. The island that inspired that myth is most probably Licosa island, within the area of Castellabate. This area has been a florid colony of the Greek magna, as the majestic temples of Paestum show, beside the very important philosophical school of Elea (now Velia) with Parmenides. The Cilento is therefore an important national park and it has been included in the prestigious “Reserve of biosphere” of Mab- Unesco (Mab stands for “Man and biosphere”): on the Earth there are only 350 of such protected areas, important in order to save and maintain bio-diversity and promote eco tourism. So, the Cilento national park can today better protect its environment with unique habitats and picturesque antique villages, within a land of myths and heroes. The sea of the Cilento coast includes few national sea park areas as well and is caracterized by the cleanness of its crystal clear waters and variety of species that populate it. The coast is wild and fascinating, with a unique variety of landscapes: from the harsh rocky walls of the hills that dive directly into the sea, to the low and sinuous reef and the wonderful golden sanded beaches, paradisiac targets for the lucky tourists who visit the Cilento.